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Re: Bush's 9-11 testimony displays faults

> > >From: "ES"
> > >To:
> > >Subject: Bush's 9-11 testimony displays faults
> > >Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:22:54 -0400
> > >
> > >In your article you ask:
> > >" Why weren't fighter planes scrambled immediately upon seeing flights
> > >moving off course all heading in the same direction?"
> > >If you were one of the airline controller, would you have the capacity to
> > >order the Air Force to "scramble" fighter aircraft, or do you suppose that
> > >some "chain of command" would have to be followed? If so, how long do you
> > >think that would take?
> > >Also, try to ask "accurate" questions. It should be obvious that "all"
> > >the planes weren't heading in the same direction. Unless, of course, you
> > >think the WTC and the Pentagon, are in the same place. Who knows where
> > >the plane, that crashed, was heading? Oh! I forgot. You know!
> > >
> > > You ask: Why was Bush in Florida reading books to children when the
> > >nation was being attacked?
> > >By this are you implying that the President should have known exactly where
> > >and when an attack was going to take place?
> > >Or, are you implying that the President should never leave D.C., just in
> > >case "something" goes wrong? You should draft a law, enforcing something
> > >along those lines. You won't need any help, because with you immense
> > >brain power, you can do that, all by yourself.
> > >
> > >You ask: "How did the Pentagon get hit? "
> > >I wasn't aware that the U.S. Airforce regularly monitored the flightpaths
> > >of All plane traffic, in the U.S. If they did, they would have known
> > >that some flights weren't "on course". You could also do a lot, by
> > >personally drafting legislation that would make that mandatory.
> > >
> > >You ask "what the hell does Iraq have to do with Sept. 11?", and "What the
> > >hell is wrong with you? "
> > >
> > >Since the answers to these, and many more questions I'm sure your "pea
> > >brain" has pondered, are so obvious, that it's below me to answer,
> > >suffice to say that it's obvious that YOU are a "Bush hater", and there
> > >are no answers that would make that any different.
> > >But that last question "What the hell is wrong with you?"
> > >
> > >Save that one for yourself.
> > >What would be wrong with someone asking some of the dumbest questions, as
> > >if the public wouldn't know they were being asked,
> > >based on pure political bias?
> > >
> > >But, just like a child, that has absolutely no understanding of "how
> > >things work", you'll probably go on posing dumb questions,
> > >and ridiculing a government that's doing its best to save your worthless
> > >ass.
> > >Were it not for the fact that the left leaning liberal press exists,
> > >you would be completely out of a job. PONDER THAT!

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Carl sundberg"
>Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 2:00 PM
>Subject: RE: Bush's 9-11 testimony displays faults
> > to whoever the fuck you are:
> >
> > wow, you sure put me in my place...
> >
> > first of all you disseccted the least important argument of my column.
> > Second of all, you didnt give me any viable solutions to my "poor
> > questions", relying on angry attacks on my "peas-sized intellect". maybe you
> > should have read the whole thing before you decided to stick a spoon in my
> > ass and start chowing down. maybe you should calm down before you write to
> > someone you don't even know.
> > but hey, whatever. we all play differently. but since you brought it up, mr
> > (or mrs) smarty pants, what should be asked? i guess in your mind,
> > everything's peachy. our nation was attacked under the watch of a smirking
> > president and no in-depth analysis should be taking place? our nation
> > started a horrifically escalating war where my friends and family are in
> > constant danger of dying, we're torturing the enemy in a sick stanford
> > prison remix, and we're supposed to not question what our leaders are doing?
> > It's becoming clear each and every day that our leaders fucked up. Multiple
> > times. And they lied. The repurcussions of those lies are deaths. Thousands
> > upon thousands of deaths. But The rich are doing alright, so I guess I
> > should just shut the fuck up and wave my flag with a sock in my mouth.
> > Look, man, (or woman) i'm open to suggestions, i'm not the enemy here. I am
> > just trying to get people to wake up to what's really going on. So, tell me,
> > if my questions are so stupid, and since i know nothing, what is that i
> > should know? what am i missing here? I am open to any suggestions to making
> > this country a better place.
> >
> > and dont write me unless you have the balls to sign your name.
> >
> > Carl C. Sundberg
> >
> >
> > "The truth, finally, is who can tell it." -Chang-Rae Lee

>From: "ES"
>To: "Carl sundberg"
>Subject: Re: Bush's 9-11 testimony displays faults
>Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 23:00:37 -0400
I don't need to know you, to know you don't know "what the fuck" you're talking about. I should be obvious, that you think Bush, and the whole government should have known that the trade towers, Pentagon, etc. were going to be bombed, AT THAT VERY MINUTE. Bullshit! He didn't know, no one knew, but YOU, Mr. Knowitall, should have.
I attacked the "least important" of your "arguments", because one needn't go any further. Your sense of reason is straight up your ass. By the time the order to "scramble" any kind of fighter jets, the whole thing would have been over, anyway, but of course you wouldn't know that, because you just want to blame Bush and Co.
He was at a school, reading, or listening to children read, when the towers were hit. Where should he have been?
Maybe your "president" Klinton could have done a better job, after he got done either sticking cigars in Monica, getting a blow job, or jerking off in the sink. And, along those lines, that asshole sold our military secrets to the Chicoms, for campaign cash. It took him, and that whore he called his wife, eight years to almost destroy our military, but YOU don't care about that.
He played with Monica, while the Middle East, and the terrorists were heating up. He did NOTHING!
Your problem is you're a bleeding heart leftist liberal, who would rather see Sadaam in the White House, instead of Bush, or any Republican. You remind me of the so called "palestinians", who hate Jews more than they love their kids. So they strap bombs on them, and tell them to go out and kill Jews. No matter that the kid blows himself up, in the process.
You have complaints, but all with the wrong party, and you present absolutely NO sensible alternative solutions.
You, and other non-American press, complain about the danger our boys are in, AND THEN SPEAD AS MANY PICTURES OF THE POOR PRISONERS. Of course by doing that you infuriate the towel heads that much more, so they gather strength, and pose an even bigger problem to our troops, than they would have if YOU AND YOUR ASSHOLE FRIENDS WOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP! What you're doing is called sedition!
So you complain about the war, and then you fuel the fire.
Am I getting to you?
Sadaam paid terrorists to kill Americans, and Israelis, so he clearly posed a thread to the U.S., whether you believe it, or not. He had the means to gas his enemies, and he did. He gassed citizens of his own country. He could well have paid some terrorists to gas Ameicans, right here. BUT HE WAS NO THREAT! YEAH! RIGHT! Can you spell Kuwait? I knew you couldn't.
In short, fella, you talk out of both sides of your mouth, at the same time. You want results, but only from a Democrat, any Democrat. But the truth of the matter is that Democrats don't have the answers, only more fuel for the fire.
We have a President, now, who has the balls to get things done, but Assholes, like you, can't see past the fact that he's a Republican.
When the Viet Cong saw that there were some, in America, that were solidly against the war, like your boy Kerry, and demonstrated as much, how much help and encourgement did the Viet Cong get, as a result? And how many more of our boys died, as a result?
When YOU, and others of your ilk, demonstrate, and post articles against Bush, and the war, how much do you help the terrorists? And how much more danger are our boys in, as a result?
You make noises like you care, but you don't. If you did you would be writing articles against the terrorists, and for the U.S. effort, on behalf of all those that want a World without terrorists.
You're a Bush basher, who tries to justify his hate, by writing articles that pose stupid questions, all designed to bring down this administration.
Intelligent people can see through you, like a pane of glass, so you're not fooling anyone, except other Democrats, but they don't have the brains to see beyond their hatred of a Republican President.
You support people like Gore, Kerry, and Klinton, not to mention that whore, Hildabeast. They, and you, have done NOTHING to help this country. Eight years, and still NOTHING!
Well, asshole, get ready for FOUR MORE YEARS OF BUSH!
Chew on it, and choke on it! It's better than you deserve.

Earl Sloan
A REAL AMERICAN (unlike you)

May 11, 2004



that's all I have to say to you.


"The truth, finally, is who can tell it." -Chang-Rae Lee


Blogger Shannon Reddicks said...

That article by Sir Earl was nice and detailed but it failed to include the costs of this war is doing to it's people. It is the equivilent of me feeding my starving neighbors down the street, meanwhile my kids here at home are saying,"mommy? when are we going to go shopping for food?" and me saying,"when we get the neighbors down the street out of starvation, can you deal with that for a short while honey? I love you, you know that right, here play with your toys just a little longer." That guy had his points, but if he was really Diplomatic maybe hostility wouldn't have been the "root", as a musician puts, of his language. You don't get someone's attention by bashing their opinions. But no one wants to look at the retribution we all didn't ask for. If someone wants to argue that "hey man, you're a citizen of this country you have to follow in it's lead." I didn't ask to be a citizen of the U.S. my parents just fucked here so here I sit. THen the next debatable question would be from the other party,"then why don't you leave?" Great question, maybe if I could afford it. Maybe if there was this possibility to fathom up that amount of cash to exist this country I would. The problem is, I only make enough money between my husband and I to only be $4 short each month to pay off all our bills. No one can afford a savings account unless their highly talented in the arts and don't have to sell-out to the angry beast known as Big Buisness, (like Ani Difranco didn't have to. . good job woman) or they make all this money because they're helping the rich man get richer, and making it that much more impossible for anyone to establish their own equity, which is one of the reason this conutry was even founded. This is the CORRECT definition of libertarianism, (if this Earl dude has even so much as taken PS 201 course). It was founded on Democracy which is for the people, and by the people, and the right to own property, which seems to be the most dominating factor of the two. And little Georgy Porgy is just in cahoots with the Corportations, and could give a flying fcuk about the people. Take a good hike up into the mountains Earl bro' get out of your reduced thinking cause it's too muttled with your own hate toward peoples opinions that it's blinding your third eye. If you're not perceptive enough to see through someone whos face is shown all over the tabloids, then you have no right writing someone whos face you can't even see. Then tell me that you can park for free outside on the sidewalk, then tell me that you don't have to pay a fee for changing your name, then tell me you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, when we get the Dixie Chicks being banished form the music scene simply because they said they were embarrassed to be from Texas. Which by the way, Georgy was not born in Texas, he was born in Connecticut. Then lets not forget about the fact that his we trained this army we are fighting during the times of Hitler. Yeah to go in and destroy him. No these articles are not to piss of the people, it's to show them the truth, and the right that they have in knowing the truth. There's no other way to get things done unless the truth is first out in the open. But remain part of the bewildered heard, but when you get laid off from that Weyerhaeuser job because your getting to old and they don't want to fork out the change for your retirement, we'll see how you feel about the way this country is headed. We'll see you're political involvement in the solution.

July 13, 2004 at 12:48 PM  

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